For many people, volunteerism is not something they do on the weekends. It’s part of their everyday life. The benefits of volunteering are vast and include personal fulfillment, an opportunity to serve your community, and a chance to meet new people with similar interests. For employers who want their employees to volunteer more often,

Here are 6 tips for getting them involved in the cause:

1) Connect with local organizations where there is interest or expertise in key areas like STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics), health care/nursing, business consulting services like finance & fundraising

2) Offer flexible hours that allow for staff members to take time off during work hours without pay;

3) Offer incentives such as time off with pay for those who volunteer on company time 

4) Create a culture where volunteering is seen as being just as important as any other job duty 

5) Offer opportunities for team building through service projects that involve all departments within the organization 

6) Reward volunteers with gifts or recognition from management